Why You Should Raise Pets with Children


Pets are fun to have, especially around children. The simplicity of pets and the innocence of children, come together to make a fantastic blend of happiness. No one can deny that having their child play with their pet dog or cat hasn’t been a joy to watch. It might not have occurred to you that the relationship shared by your child and your pet has many positive impacts on your child’s upbringing. But it does, and there are so many benefits enjoyed when you raise your pets together with your child. Some are:

  1. Pets Provide Companionship: Every now and then your child gets bored and lonely. This happens a lot when you’re nurturing a single child. You may not always be available when your child needs attention but having a pet around fixes this. Pets (dogs), like children, love to play and by having them in the same house guarantee a constant companion for your child. Also, pets, with their high energy levels, are perhaps the only beings who match the enthusiasm of a child. An adult can try but can’t keep up. A pet on the other hand, especially dogs, can always keep your child engaged without getting him/her bored.


  1. Pets Keep Your Child Active: You know how sometimes we adults get languid and our kids just can’t stop running about the house. Yup that’s life weighing on us. Kids don’t understand that. They can’t stand inactivity. However, things have changed in the 21st century, where we now have smartphones that exert inertia on children. So it is up to parents to ensure their children keep up their high activity level. Pets are experts in this field. A statistic shows that children, who own dogs, exercise ten minutes more than those who don’t. Ten minute might seem like a short time but calculated over your child’s childhood years, it means a lot. By having a pet dog in the house, your child will tend to run round the house more and this will skyrocket his activity level.


  1. Pets Make Your Child Empathic and Responsible: As your kids grow alongside your pet, they will realise that pets are totally dependent on human beings. This will register a form of responsibility into their minds for the pets. Your kids may choose not to eat until they are satisfied that the pets have been fed. Also, they will be more sharing than other kids without pets. And as time goes on, their understanding of human responsibility deepens. Their empathy towards not just pets, but other people grows.


  1. Children with Pets Grow up Healthy: Having a pet around has its own health benefits. Recent studies show that babies who are raised alongside pats fall sick less than babies without pets. How is this so? Pets, dogs especially, tend to bring in microbes into your homes. Don’t be alarmed. These microbes have their advantages. As your baby interacts with your pet dog, hormones are released that will improve its immunity. This makes your baby less liable to fall sick.


Having that pet around was worth it after all, wasn’t it?