Webull Brokerage Account – Get A Free Stock Valued At $3 – $1,000


Webull is a free stock trading app that allows you to open a commission-free brokerage account with no minimum balance requirements and no fees to open or maintain an account.

Plus, if you open a Webull brokerage account through this Webull Free Stock Referral Link, you will receive a random free stock reward that is valued from $3 to $1,000, just for opening your account.

About Webull Free Brokerage Trading App

Anybody who is at least 18 years old with a valid Social Security Number can open a trading account with Webull, including a cash account or a margin account.

There is no minimum deposit required for regular trading with a cash account, but for margin trading, the minimum account balance must be at $2,000 or above.

All trades on Webull are commission-free for U.S. stocks, and you can also receive a free Level-1 Quote of U.S. stocks.

Webull supports trading on over 5,000 stocks and ETFs in the U.S., but Webull does not currently support options, OTC equities, mutual funds, and bonds.

Webull supports 4 order types including market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and stop limit orders, and all of the orders must be entered as good for today (not good-till-canceled or GTC).

Webull also allows you to trade during extended trading hours, including pre-market and after-hours trading.

All new customers who open your first Webull brokerage account will get a free stock valued from $3 to $1,000 as a special bonus incentive.

Webull Stock Trading App Features

  • All Trades are Commission-Free for U.S. Stocks.
  • No Account Minimum Balance Requirements and No Maintenance Fees.
  • All U.S. Market Data is in Real-Time and Free.
  • Receive Real-Time Financial News from Leading Outlets like Bloomberg and Reuters.
  • Access to a Free Virtual Trading Simulator to Build Experience without Risk.
  • View and Track Professional Analyst Ratings.
  • Receive Smart Alerts for Price and Volume Changes.
  • Financial Calendar Provides Info on New Listings, Earnings Releases, Dividends and more.
  • Pre-market and After-hours Trading Available for Everyone.

How To Get $3-$1,000 Webull Free Stock Reward

1. Sign up for a new Webull Account through this special referral link to get your free stock reward.

2. After you sign up, download the Webull App for iOS or Android, and then visit the Menu to view the “My Free Stock” offer in the Webull App, where you can review all of the program rules.

3. On the “My Free Stock” page, click the “Get It Now” button to start your registration and open a new brokerage account (or click the “Trade” button on the bottom of the app to open a new brokerage account).

4. Once your brokerage account is approved (mine took less than 1 hour), you will need to set your transaction password and claim your free stock reward.

5. Set your transaction password by clicking the “Trade” button at the bottom of the app after your account is opened and approved, and then set your 6-digit password to use in the future when you make trades.

6. You must then claim your free stock on the “My Free Stock” page by clicking the “Get It Now” button again, and then you’ll randomly be provided with a free stock reward.

7. The free stock reward valued between $3 and $1,000 will be selected randomly and credited to your account within 5 trading days after being claimed.

8. You may hold or sell the free stock once it is credited to your account, and you can either withdraw the money from the sale of your free stock or use it to purchase another stock.

My Personal Experiences Opening Webull Account for Free Stock: I personally received 1 share of AAPL valued at $187.88. My new account was approved in about 20 minutes after I applied, and I immediately claimed my free stock reward, which was deposited into my account the same day. One important thing to note is that I did not have to connect my bank account or make any type of deposit in order to claim or receive my free stock reward. Obviously you will need to connect a bank account if you want to sell your free stock and withdraw the money from the sale, but just to get the free stock, you don’t actually have to connect one.

Webull Brokerage Account - Get A Free Stock Valued At  - ,000

Webull Free Stock Reward Details

1. During the promotion, you will only get a free stock for opening your first brokerage account with Webull Financial. The value of the free stock may be anywhere between $3 and $1,000. The price of the stock can fluctuate based on market movements.

2. Download the Webull App to check the details of the free stock bonus offer for customers to open a brokerage account with Webull Financial. You can find details in the “My Free Stock” section under the Menu within the Webull App (you don’t need to sign up to view the offer details).

3. Free stock bonuses that are not claimed within 30 days may expire. The free stock bonus will be credited to the enrolled account approximately 5 trading days after the bonus is claimed.

4. The free stock is chosen randomly from their inventory of settled shares, and each user may not receive the same stock.

5.You can hold or sell the stock once the bonus is credited to your account. You can withdraw the money from selling the stock or use it to buy other stocks.

6. For taxable accounts, the value of all Webull Financial offers received may be reported as Other Income on a form 1099-MISC.

7. This program is only open to U.S. Citizens currently living in the U.S. with a valid Social Security Number who ar at least 18 years of age. Employees, contractors, or persons similarly associated with Webull Financial or a Webull affiliate, members of their household, and employees of any securities regulatory organization or exchange are not eligible in this program.

One last time, if you’d like more info, check out webull.com, or click here to sign up and get yourself a free stock

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