Superpowers You Didn’t Know Your House Iron Had

Antique Iron

Do you have an iron in your home? Almost everyone does. But the main question is; do you use it a lot? Some people prefer to have their clothes ironed at the laundry. It’s no biggie, really. Your iron can serve other purposes in your home that can still prove its money worth. Exactly, your iron can do so much more that iron out clothes. It’s a money saving equipment. In this article, you will see a mind-blowing list of some incredible things that you didn’t know your iron could do for you. You might even thank your lucky stars that you kept on reading. Without further ado, these are the most unique things your home iron can do for you:

  1. Acts as a Handy Grill: Say you’re at college or on a trip, and you’re craving a grilled sandwich. It’s 2am in the morning. You’re hungry and you’ve got nowhere to go to get a grilled sandwich. As long as you have the ingredients and an iron, you’re set. An iron can replace your grill. The rest is DIY and pretty easy. Make your sandwich and wrap it in aluminium foil top to bottom. After that, simply place your iron on the top of both sides of the sandwich for about10 minutes or less. Voila! You’ve got yourself a nice homemade grilled sandwich. Neat right?


  1. Seals Plastic Bags: Admit it, you’ve needed to seal polythene or plastic bags at some point in your life. You’ve also needed to laminate valuable documents. Whichever be the case, you wanted a plastic bag sealer but had to use an alternative when you couldn’t find one. Little did you know; the solution was lying idle on your dresser. Yes, that unattractive looking iron could have saved you a lot of stress. Next time you need to seal a plastic bag, cover the end with foil, and slowly work the iron over the foil. The heat does the sealing. You can remove the foil and enjoy a sealed plastic bag.


  1. Removes Wallpapers: Wallpapers beautify walls don’t they? They save you the stress of painting. But what really annoys, are the stubborn pieces of paper that stick to the walls when you remove your wallpapers. Pretty ugly now, isn’t it? Your iron can be your hero. How? Simply set your iron to steam mode and keep it at a close distance to the wall. Let it heat up a while. If you watch closely, you’ll see that the heat from the iron’s steam slackens the glue, and the resulting moisture makes the papers easy to remove. I bet you didn’t know this.


  1. Cleans up Wax: So you’re preparing a romantic candlelight dinner in your home for the woman of your dreams. And in your efforts to impress, you managed to display so many candles that it’s literally a shrine. Okay, so the night went well, she’s down for anything… But then you wake up the next morning and realise that there’s tons of wax all over the place. It’s basically a wax depot. How do you fix this? Get that iron. Cover all wax stains with aluminium foil and place the heated iron on it. Wax cleaning has never been this easy!


  1. Removes Dents: That wooden floor in your house cost a lot, don’t it? It’s one of the most attractive out there all right, but then it ate through your savings. And (ah!) suddenly there are dents all over by the place. Some cause by a lot of trampling, indoor accidents or moving and static furniture. The solution? You guessed it. Get that handy iron and its ‘assistant’ foil. Identify dented spots on your wooden floor and press the foil to it. Next, run your iron over the foil and the dent will vanish. This is all DIY. You don’t even need a carpenter. Easy, right?


  1. Eliminates Water Stains on Planks: Water and wood aren’t friends. If you’re not convinced, leave a plank in water for some time. Then leave it in a damp place, see what happens. Convinced? Good. The same may be happening to your wooden floors, furniture and other equipment. Your iron could fix some of that wooden stain. Place a cloth on the part of the wood that’s water-stained and run your iron (at the lowest temperature) over it. Heat will transfer from the iron to the wood to make it dry and moisture free.


  1. Flower Preservation: Flowers are nice to have around in your home. They beautify open spaces and radiate a natural glow. But are your flowers showing signs of withering? Did you know your iron could help fix that? Place your flowers in between pieces of wax paper (no, not foil this time) and place some load on it. After a while, place some kitchen paper over it, and run your dry iron over it. You’ve just bought your flowers a lot of extra time on this earth.

These are just a few of the things your iron can do. It’s that handy. Your iron should be doing more than smoothening out clothes. It’s worth the financial investment. Now that you know seven unique iron hacks, share the knowledge with others. Let the world know!