Need A Prank Call? How About Donald Trump?


Have you ever wanted to prank someone with the glorious voice of our oh so high and mighty god – I mean president – I mean god-president? Well you’re in luck. New York actor / comedian Jersey Ferretti is offering Trump prank calls starting at just $20.

If you shell out a little dough (and cmon, when you’re playing with the don, you’ve got so much dough you practically live in a bakery), he’ll even let you customize the script (within reason) or call on an exact date.

It’s important to note, he also does other celebrity impersonations, including Alec Baldwin, Bernie Sanders, Christopher Walken, President Obama, and more. Check out his offerings here:

If you want to get 20% off, you can use this link and help support the site. Or don’t, you know, that’s cool too. It’s not like we have mouths to feed or anything, we’re definitely not going to starve to death if you don’t use it…

But we might. So you should click it anyway.

If you don’t want a celebrity impersonator prank, then there’s other things you can use that link for too. Maybe you want a logo designed, or someone to do your homework. Maybe you need a business plan written up, or a bit of audio recorded.

Whatever you want, check out, They’ve got people listing their services for anything from graphics & design work, marketing, writing, video, music, programming, business, and some category they call “fun & lifestyle.”

Now, the obvious rules apply – look at the seller’s profile, choose a good service provider (Fiverrer? If they won’t call them that, I will), and save yourself some time. Everything starts at just $5, and you can literally get someone to prank call your friends (or enemies) while posing as Donald J. Trump.

Editor’s Note: We have no affiliation with Jersey Farretti, we just thought his stuff was cool and figured he’d like some free exposure. That said, if he wants to sponsor us (AKA feed our starving children), we wouldn’t say no.

Editor’s Second Note: Since we wrote an article about Trump, does that mean we’ve just become fascist nazis? Are we only saying this because it might rank us higher in the search engines and get us more views? Are we jumping on the bandwagon of terrible, unethical journalism in a misguided attempt to sell our souls to make money, or did we just find something cool on the internet and decide to share it with the world? You decide, America. Feel free to argue on our Facebook, and call us nazis or whatever.