How to Save Money When Buying College Textbooks


Textbooks are important in college. How important? They could be the key factor in deciding whether you succeed or fail. Obtaining the latest textbooks for your study could be done either by renting, buying hand-me-downs or purchasing brand new books at the bookstores. Whichever option you hope to exercise, you could save a lot of money when sourcing for your needed college textbooks. If you need the extra cash, then read on and discover how you can save money on buying textbooks:

  1. Plan Ahead: Before the new session or semester starts, list out the books that you’ll need to buy. The best time to get cheaper prices for textbooks is a few weeks before classes begin. Why? Because the prices are considerably lower when stock is high, and this is usually before class starts. Prices usually increase rapidly when classes begin because by then stock levels reduce and it is the dream of every bookstore keeper to profit from a limited quantity. If you hope to buy your textbooks early, get a reading list from your professors ASAP. You could also benefit from low-cost shipping if you’re buying textbooks online. In a nutshell, buying early saves you money.


  1. Purchase Used Textbooks: Used or secondhand textbooks are way cheaper than brand new textbooks. And not all used textbooks have worn-out dog-ears or highlighted texts. There are some pretty neat used textbooks available for sale. Some book stores are even dedicated to selling used textbooks. This is a good potential way to save a significant amount of money on buying textbooks. If you can’t find secondhand textbooks around your location, go online. You’ll definitely find what you need at cheap and affordable prices.


  1. Buy Older Issues: Textbooks for some courses, like History, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry don’t see regular publication updates like others, e.g. Mathematics, English. If you can find a marginally older edition, you will be able to save up on a considerable amount of cash. Before going ahead to purchase older issues, you should seek your course lecturer’s approval. It would be a waste of money and a bad experience if you buy an older edition and couldn’t move along with the class when they flip through the pages.


  1. Use an Online Price Comparison Tool: There are many websites online that are devoted to comparing prices of textbooks sold by different vendors. By using such online tool, you can find the cheapest available textbooks on the market and buy them for a steal. The internet has its benefits. A couple options we found are and


  1. Consider Bulk Purchase Discounts: Also online, find out independent bookstores that sell secondhand and new textbooks. The prices of textbooks sold by these online bookstores are often competitive but they make up for this by offering discounts on one-time bulk purchases. Other bookstores even grant free shipping when you order multiple textbooks at once.

In the end, you have to do a little bit of planning before you decide to buy your college textbooks. By following this guide, however, you could save some serious cash when buying them. Enjoy the extra cash!