How To Get The Best Out of Your Pets


Have you noticed recently that your pet exhibits behavior unlike its normal behavior? Somehow it worries you that your pet dog or cat doesn’t eat much, sleeps a lot or just spends most of its time sitting in a spot. Don’t be worried—although it can be quite troubling—but your pet animal, like every human at some point in their life, is going through a rough patch. In simple words, your pet is suffering from depression. Yeah, it happens.

It’s weird, isn’t it; your pet suffering from depression, when it’s supposed to elevate your mood in your moments of dejection. Now, the downcast mood of your furry little friend makes you feel worse about yourself. You suddenly feel the tables turned; it’s your time to be your pet’s psychotherapist. But how can you elevate your pet’s mood and in the process continuously get the best out of it? Follow these tips:

  1. Spend Quality Time with your Pet: You can’t go out to your daily 9 to 5 job, come back too tired for your pet, and expect it to retain its innocent happiness. The easiest way to cheer up your pet is to spend time with them especially when they’re down in spirit. Spending ample time with your pet is a sign of love that will go a long way in keeping it happy for quite some time.


  1. Take your pet outside: Once in a week, at least, endeavour to take your dog out for a walk or for a fun evening in the park. Set it free, and let it enjoy the limited freedom afforded it. At the same time, engage it in a game, and enjoy it with him/her. Your pet will show its thanks with restless positive vibes—until the next outing of course.


  1. Be happy: Most pets, especially dogs mirror your emotions. They can tell when you are unhappy or jubilant. In fact, they are quick to reflect your feelings back to you. So, the best way to keep your pet happy is to be happy yourself.


  1. Let your pet mingle with other pets: Sometimes, all your pet dog wants is a companion. Studies shows that many animals derive great joy from socialising with other animals from the same species. So, take your pet to the park and let it interact with other similar pets.


  1. Reward your pet for its positive vibes: Pets, especially dogs, live on encouragement. If your dog shows a flash of happiness during its stint of depression, reward it with a pat or a belly rub even. Being too compassionate when it is sad might encourage it to remain depressed for want of attention. You need to shower your pet with positivity; and when it finally replies in kind, encourage it to do more.


  1. Get your pet a plaything: Pet animals love toys. It is also a great way to get them to cheer up when depressed. Bring its favourite plaything into focus, and encourage it to play with it. Pets often find solace among familiar toys. Having toys around will most likely lighten your pet’s mood and make it open to playing more.


  1. Soothe it with music: Pets love music. They aspire to understand it, and it intrigues them everytime. By playing some good soothing music (perhaps some R&B or soft rap), it will elevate the mood of your pet’s mood.


  1. Do something different: Like taking your pet dog for a ride. Prop your pet on the passenger’s seat, let down the window a bit, and drive smoothly, so it can enjoy the fresh air. Watch your little flurry friend come alive. The feeling you get is ecstatic.

The best way to get the best out of your pet is to treat it as kin. At some point in your life, you’ll need your pet animal to cheer you up when you’re down— not the other way round. You must continuously invent new ways to keep it happy. By following some or all the tips above, you can be guaranteed a happier pet.