How To Eat Right While Traveling


One of the best parts of traveling is getting to taste and savour all kinds of new and delicious foods, whether you’re driving across the state or flying across the world. And, without a doubt, it’s fun to let go a little and eat things you wouldn’t normally eat during a week at home, that’s part of the freedom and excitement of being on vacation. Even the strictest dieter would have no choice but to set aside his diet for some of that food.

But eventually, your body reacts to a little too many foreign dishes. You begin to feel a loss of energy, sudden dehydration, migraines, incessant jet lag and/or even hangovers. All of this could even come at once increasing the chances of falling ill. In the long run, this could lead to you becoming too lethargic to make the most of your traveling experience. It’s even worse for people with strict food restrictions. They have to search hard for food that suits their body systems. And even that is a long shot. If you fall into this category of people, relax, there’s a fix; a lot of fixes!

It is very possible to make the right food choices on your vacation or travels that will keep you very healthy and invigorated as though you were back home. We’ve outlined some helpful tips to help you avoid an eating disorder, while making the best of your trip:

  1. Plan your diet: When we travel, we often forget to eat at regular intervals, consuming volumes of foreign food at irregular hours. This is bound to confuse your digestive system, and you may end up constipated. Worst case scenario, we go long hours without eating, and lose energy from starvation or dehydration. Food planning could save you from chances on illness on your travels. If you’re just passing by, make sure you eat food with plenty nutrient, especially lean proteins. And if you’re staying for a while, find a reputable restaurant around, research the food on their menu to see if it fits you. Healthy eating requires planning. Do the research!


  1. Hit the Grocery Store: If you’re on a vacation or a work venture, and it’ll last for an extended period of time, you should make preparations for healthy food. You can’t live off restaurant dishes (the cost) or fast food (the demerits) for long. At some point, you may need to prepare your own dishes. If you stay at a hotel, you can order a room with a kitchen in it, to enable you to cook in.


  1. Eat Vegetables, Take Vitamins: Traveling to a new location leaves you exposed to unfamiliar pathogens. It is very essential that you take vitamins and eat enough vegetables to keep you protected from diseases.


  1. Drink more water: Drinking water keeps your skin glowing and helps get rid of toxins. When you eat out or indoors, accompany it with water rather than sodas or alcohol. Hydration ensures that you have energy during the day.


  1. Reduce Alcohol Intake: Say you’re on a business trip and the only pastime you have is a drink with your colleagues. You’re having fun but put a limit on how much alcohol you should drink. Try not to get drunk. The result is a morning hangover and a terrible jetlag. Also, it messes up your eating plans, as you rely more on junk food. Drink more water, and less of alcohol.


  1. Get Eight Hours of Sleep: Sleep early and wake early. It’s very hard to get enough sleep in a foreign location, but the benefits of getting enough rest can’t be overestimated. By getting enough rest, you boost your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and improve your skin. You’ll have enough energy to make the best of your trip.


  1. Indulge yourself once in a while: You may not get the chance again. Go out to that fancy restaurant. Eat their best meal, savour every bite and wash it down with a nice vintage wine. When you’ve had enough done, jilt the dish, and return to your regular healthy diet.


However you plan your travels, pay close attention to what and how you eat. A healthy eating pattern is the key to making the most of your traveling experience. Have fun!