5 Ways To Choose the Most Exciting Bus Tour on Your Vacation


Bus tours can be the highlight of any vacation trip. They offer excitement in any destination but only if you make the right choice. Bus tours are called such because they make it possible for you to enjoy the view of many areas and attraction centres all in one day. If your vacation trip is hinging on limited time and you want to enjoy the best things of your given destination, then bus tours are just what you need. However, you can’t just choose any bus tour; there are a couple of factors you need to consider first that’ll help you choose the one that suits you most.

  1. Scheduling and Timing: The first thing you should know about bus tours is that they work at scheduled times. This means that for whatever bus tour you choose, like a plane flight, you have to be ready for pick up at the fixed time, or miss it. Many bus tours are very strict with time, especially those that pick its passengers at terminals. A few bus tour companies, however, offer premium pick-ups and drop offs at your temporary place of residence. Whichever the case, select bus tours that work in your best convenience.


  1. Refreshment: Bus tours can be lengthy at times depending on the areas it covers during the day. And because of the strict time schedule, the bus may not stop so often, and you may not have many chances to shop for snacks. So before choosing any bus tour, find out if they offer refreshment, and what kind. Many companies offer water and a variety of snacks at timely intervals; some for free. Make sure you know all about the tour’s food plans before selecting a bus tour company


  1. Specific Sights and Tourist Site Stops: The fun part about bus tours is that you get to stop at an attractive tourist sites for a chance to explore and take photos. So before you choose any bus tour, find out the list of sights that will be visited and which ones you will be allowed to explore. If you have a specific tourist site in mind, make sure it’s on the bus tour agenda. And if it’s not, see if you can call in and make a special request for visitation. If you can’t, choose another bus tour that has your preferred tourist sites in its agenda. Never settle for less!


  1. Tour Guides: Local guides with countless bus tour experiences make the best tour guides. Why? Because they know the locality and are familiar with the compelling stories and intriguing facts surrounding the visited spots. You should also figure out if the tour guides are fixed salary earners or earn from tips and commissions received on the bus. The difference between both types is that the former (salary earners) are more motivated than the latter, due to the fact that commission based guides will never take you to top interesting sites without a fee.


  1. The State of the Bus: There is nothing more important than your safety. Therefore, the condition of the bus you’ll be entering should weigh on your mind. Expert bus tour companies have newer buses that are well maintained for tours as opposed to the lesser known bus tour companies. Take time to inspect the bus you’ll be entering, from the build, to the bus driver. If everything you see impresses you, then you can get on the bus tour. If not, choose another.

In conclusion, a much organised tour bus company will reflect its qualities from its website, its customer care down to the flexibility of its tours. Only choose a bus tour that has all your requirements. After all, what’s the point of taking a bus tour if you can’t enjoy it?